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Cloud Services

Nothing beats the sophistication that can be achieved from software residing “in-house”, however, there are occasions where you need to reach a more global audience.  This is where cloud services come in.


Let’s say you have staff who take orders by phone or email who then type the orders into your in-house system. Wouldn’t it be better if your customers typed their orders in instead? You would require less staff and chances are, the order would be correct and not “lost in translation”.


Or, maybe you are sick of your customers ringing you up wanting to know when their stuff is going to turn up. Well, with cloud services they can do that themselves by checking it out on a web page that talks to your in-house system.


Sick of sending out flyers or glossy brochures to everyone to show them your products. Imagine the money you would save if every time you enter a product with photos into your in-house system that it appeared on your website?


Maybe you have repairmen or technicians out on the road who phone in to sign off and receive their next job. The cloud can help out again. With cloud services it is easy to imagine them updating their jobs on their cell phone or tablet. Again, no double handling or lost in translation. Your in-house system is updated automatically.


These are but a few of the ideas where cloud services can help out so give as a call and see if your idea can fly.


You may want to check out the tools we use for the cloud, like Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Office 365.

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