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Microsoft Access Solutions

For a business of any size, in any market sector, data is vitally important, yet it’s one of the most overlooked assets you may have.


You know you have the data – you may even want to collect more data – but can you turn that data into information?


A lot of businesses think that Microsoft Access just isn’t the right tool for them. That it is just a hobbyist’s tool and that they should invest large sums in off-the-shelf systems instead.


We can tell you that they’re mistaken. We should know - we’ve been developing real life solutions for all sorts of business, big and small, in Microsoft Access since 1993. We know it scales well from small databases to a large ones - because we’ve been there and done that.


We know it allows for rapid development of solutions – because we have the T-shirt.


But why should you consider Microsoft Access? You may have already invested in a more “corporate” solution.


But, tell us, can you really get the information you want from all that nice new data? You may well be one of the lucky ones if you can. But are you sure you wouldn’t view it in a slightly different way?


Microsoft Access could help.  It provides a robust framework to rapidly design solutions that can gather new data or access existing data in most database formats and display it in the way you want.


When used correctly, Microsoft Access can easily turn your data into useful information.

Custom database design for business
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