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Microsoft SQL Server Solutions


If your business has a large amount of data to record, analyse and maintain, then Microsoft SQL Server could be the answer.


You’ve almost certainly heard of it but may not know what it is or how it can help you.


On it’s own, Microsoft SQL Server is just a repository for data. It can do some pretty cool things with the data – and it’s not exactly slow doing it either – but to get it to do these things, even to get the data into SQL Server and then to retrieve it again as useful business information, you need some tools…


One possible tool is Microsoft Access, which can be used as a “front end” (just a fancy way of saying that it is used by the user to manipulate and view the data) and in turn can do some pretty neat things with the data too.


Alternatively, you can develop a nice swishy web based front end for the data (maybe you want the data displayed in your company intranet or website)


You could even get a whole custom application written around the SQL Server database, probably by using one of the programming languages included in Microsoft Visual

Custom database design for business
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