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Our Company


Simpson Computer Consultancy Limited was formed in 1993 to develop and support a contractors invoicing system for Telecom New Zealand.


Since then, our client portfolio has expanded to cover a number of companies, large and small, in diverse industries and throughout Auckland and the Bay of Plenty.


Our core business is still predominately Microsoft Access development, due to it’s ability to be rapidly deployed and it’s ease of integration with other software (both new and legacy).


We are, however, beginning to expand the business and with new blood comes new skills and new opportunities for us and for our clients – past, present and future.

Paul Simpson


Managing Director of Simpson Computer Consultancy Ltd.


Paul has been in the technology sector since 1978 working in telecommunications eventually moving into computer network management and software development.


Paul has personally built approximately eighty systems for businesses as large as Daltons Ltd, and NZL Group Ltd. The product range he developed comprised of such things as dispatch systems and vehicle management systems for transport companies, Insurance investigation and Insurance assessing, Air ambulance management for an Australian company,  Product/Client/Dispatch system for Daltons, to name a few.


Paul believes that the most effective development strategy is to build in small steps in close consultation with a business expert provided by the client. In other words a development team which vets each stage providing direction as the product is developed so that product design doesn’t stray too far from the clients need.


Brad Old


Database Developer



Brad has a wealth of experience in retail grocery (10 yrs) and finance

(9 yrs).


Brad has owned businesses, managed staff and resources and had to deal with the daily issues that frustrate and sometimes overwhelm a business management team.


Born and raised on a dairy farm in Taranaki, Brad was born too early for the computer revolution.

So Brad left school and went into banking and eventually found his way into the retail world of supermarkets


We all get second chances and Brad developed a keen interest in computing and programming from the early days of home computers.


Brad has been working with Access since 1992 and fulltime developing Access software solutions since 2007.


Sean Clancy


Web Designer / Software Developer


In a company that goes the extra mile for our customers, we want to reflect that in all aspects of design and information.


If you need a professional website, graphical design, or desktop software that will deploy on both Windows and Apple,

go check out Sean's site here.


In addition, Sean is an award winning guitar player and musician.


He has created a state-of-the-art piece of software especially for guitar and bass players.


Try it out for free!

Guitar SightReader Toolbox





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