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Our track Record

You name it and we have probably done it. And if we haven’t, we know we can build it because we have built brand new things many times before.


Here is a list of stuff we have done for others…



  • Container dispatch

  • Linehaul dispatch

  • Fleet Management

  • Road user charge management (including GPS integration)

  • Air Ambulance Dispatch


Marshalling and Stevedoring


  • Goods & container tracking 

  • General store management

  • Vessel loading efficiency analysis


Other Industries


  • Insurance: Claim tracking and management

  • Finance: Loan tracking and management

  • Entertainment: Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis for venues

  • Marketing: Multi-level marketing system

  • Human Resources: HR and staff training management

  • Timber: Mill efficiency analysis

  • Manufacturing: Material cutting plan for cloth

  • Maori Trust Board: Beneficiary management and Whakapapa recording

  • Direct Sales: Customer Management and Sales Management system

  • Mortgages: Mortgage finance and client/finance company/builder management.

  • Community Support work: Management of clients and support workers. Rosters etc...

A sample of our clients

Because we have been around for a while, you may have probably worked out that that we’ve built lots of features over the years that are easily integrated into any system we build. Features like…

Features Galore!
Custom database design for business
  • Document Storage

  • Document Generation

  • PDF Creation/Conversion

  • User/Group system security

  • Ribbon Menus

  • Day/Month/Year calendars

  • GST integration (Dynamic)

  • New Zealand Public Holidays (Dynamic)

  • File Management

  • Spell Checking

  • Google Earth/Google Maps integration

  • Help System (User customisable)

  • EDI import/export (various methods used including XML)

  • Emailing (MAPI/ Microsoft Exchange Server/ Microsoft Outlook)

  • Touchscreen Keyboards

  • Web integration.

  • Excel/Word/Outlook automation

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