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Context Sensitive Help System

A question we get asked frequently is, "Do we get an instruction manual with our new system?"

The answer we give is, "No, because it would double the cost of your system if we had to write one".

This is usually a satisfactory answer as we always provide one on one training to a key person in your company who in turn trains everyone else. Some clients set about writing their own instructions which is great. A small problem with this approach is that it requires some page turning to find the appropriate instructions that you are after.

We decided to help with the documentation by providing a context sensitive help system for you. What that gives you is the ability to trigger with the F1 function key, the help system from any control on any form. If you have the appropriate permission you are also able to edit the instructions for the control you are on and also the form you are on.

Click on the following and you will see a short demonstration of it in action

Next month I am going to talk about our new Drag& Drop feature.

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