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Calendar modules

Some of our clients have requested to have data displayed in a calendar format not unlike how appointments are displayed in Microsoft Outlook. After extensive development we have come up with a series of modules that exceeded expectations.

There are some really great interface features that we have put into these modules that allow the following advantages...

  • Easily attached to a database table that contains who, when, and where information.

  • Quickly implemented into a new project.

  • Allows for multiple calendars with no extra modules required. (For readability we suggest a limit of 8 day calendars or 4 week calendars open at any one time.)

  • Each calendar can have themes applied which allows them to be personalised and allows for easy differentiation.

  • All calendars are sizeable, no matter the size the date/time scaling adjusts accordingly.


There are 5 main user interface modules that come with the calendar modules. They are...

  • Month Calendar. Gives a month by month view of appointments.

  • Week Calendar. Gives a week by week view of appointments.

  • Day Calendar. Gives a day by day view of appointments.

  • Reminder form. Pops up if a reminder is due. Can pop up multiple times if there are many reminders due.

  • Calendar date picker. Pops up a small form that provides a month by month view of dates that can be picked.

The appointment form is the only form that is not covered as it is unique to the clients requirements however it can be called easily and seamlessly from within these modules.


As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." so I have decided to show you a series of images which will hopefully give you an idea of how they work. I have put notes on each, to point at certain things that i think are worth mentioning.

Month Calendar

Month Calendar

Month Calendar after user has double-clicked on the 20th.

Month Calendar after user has double-clicked the 20th.

Week Calendar

Week Calendar

Week Calendar after user has double-clicked the Monday 8:30 am appointment.

Day Calendars

Day Calendar. showing multiple day calendars open at the same time.

Day Calendar


I hope this brief overview of our Calendar modules gives you some ideas that will enhance your current system, or show our abilities to you if you are wanting a new project developed.

The next time i will show off our Security system.

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