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Drag & Drop

We have been asked by clients, "We have some data we can see over here, we want to be able to click on it and drag it over there and hey presto! It’s moved."

This ability, called Drag & Drop is not provided as a part of Microsoft Access and so in the past we would have to say, "Sorry it can't be done".

Well, we finally have some good news on this front. In the last couple of months we have managed to develop our own Drag and drop feature. We can move or copy data between various designated controls on a form and even between designated controls on other forms. There are some minor limitations with moving data to Subform controls but every other control works great.

Give us a call if your Access database requires this feature, we would only be too happy to help.

Next time, I will be demonstrating our very own day, week & month calendars functionality we developed for Microsoft Access.

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