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Protecting your data with security

It doesn't take long before any new client wants their system to allow multiple users to access their new system simultaneously. While there is no conceivable limit on the amount of users that can access their system, before long they realise that there are areas where they want access restricted. It might be to a particular form, or maybe it is to stop a user from editing data, but allow them to see it. Anyway you get where I am heading with this.

We have created a 2 tier security system which is highly flexible and easy to implement. Naturally enough we have a place where users can be added, which includes such things as password, email address, name, phone number and so forth.

The other tier is groups. Now groups is where the permissions are actually handled. For example you could create a group for Payroll or for supervisors, managers, receptionists and so forth. then in each group you can tick the appropriate set of permissions that apply for that group.

To complete the users security configuration the user is assigned one of the security groups in the user form.

The system is then configured so no user can access the program unless they sign in using the logon form that is provided as the program loads.

The security ribbon is then activated on the ribbon bar to provide access to the User form, the Groups form and also a form so a user can change his password.

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